Russia Ukraine war … How do italians and Russian view this conflict?

Russia Ukraine war … How do italians and Russian view this conflict?

Russia Ukraine war … How do italians and Russian view this conflict? 359 240

Russia Ukraine war … How do italians view the war in Ukraine? And the Russian population?

Are Italians in favour of sending arms to support Ukraine? What are their fears about the extension of the conflict and its effects? What do the Russian population think about Russia Ukraine war? What are their main concerns?

These are just some of the issues that were discussed in prime time on RAI 1 in the episode of “Speciale Porta a Porta – Guerra in Ucraina. E poi?” on 9 March 2022, commenting on the results of two researches carried out in partnership by the institutes MG Research and Noto Sondaggi on the perception of Italians and Russians on Russia Ukraine war.
Let’s see the main results together…

How do italians view the war in Ukraine?

Italians are in favour (52%) of sending arms to Ukraine, but 72% are not in favour of direct military intervention. The majority of the sample fears that the conflict can involve other European countries (58%) and even directly Italian territory (51%). The percentage of those who fears an impact on the economic situation is very high (77%).

invio armi ucraina sondaggio

guerra italia




guerra paesi europei sondaggio

Guerra economia italiana





… What about the Russian population?

usa nato russia sondaggio

As for the Russian respondents, just under half (43.1%) think that the USA and other NATO countries are mainly responsible for the war in Ukraine, and only 20.8% think that Russia is the most responsible. It is interesting to note how opinions change in relation to age: among Russians aged 60 and over, 54.5% believe that the USA and NATO are responsible for the conflict, while this percentage drops to 22.8% in the 15-29 age group. The youngest category is more inclined than the others to believe that the conflict started because of Russia’s responsibility (25.9%).


putin sondaggio

58.3% of Russian respondents approve Putin’s military actions towards Ukraine. On the other hand, 23.7% of the respondents say that they do not approve the military actions taken. Again, the age group influences the assessment of the situation: respondents over 60 years of age support these choices more (70%) than younger respondents (52%).

Below are excerpts from the episode:



To see the entire episode on RaiPlay – RaiPlay – Speciale Porta a Porta – Guerra in Ucraina. E poi? – 09/03/2022

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