Neuromarketing: a tool to create messages that leave a mark.

Neuromarketing: a tool to create messages that leave a mark.

Neuromarketing: a tool to create messages that leave a mark. 2000 1125

We live in the era of Infobesity: the internet has given us access to unlimited content (in some cases not always reliable) on any topic you wish to approach – to the point of becoming excessively abundant . This exuberant and copious production of content has become the condition to participate in the ruthless “race” of clickbait.

In this context, with the spread of social networks and the recent transposition of information from textual form to video, one can well imagine how the consumer is literally overwhelmed by differentiated stimuli that often leave no mark.

The cognitive overload to which we are all exposed today is a fact that has profoundly changed the parameters and rules of communication.

So the question arises on what should a company do in order to plan an effective communication campaign capable of ensuring a positive ROI.

Market research is a strong, rigorous and scientific support: it can play a crucial role in every phase of the construction of an advertising campaign, from the early phase of the concept generation, to the development of the creative idea, from the screening phase between different copies, up to a pre-test fine-tuning or tracking and post-test monitoring to capitalize on current experience in view of future strategies.

With regards to communication aspects, considering the complexity of both the stimulus and the context of reference (a video among millions of videos, a message among millions of messages), it is very important to rely on techniques capable of perceiving and capturing the most subtle nuances, those that a consumer is not always able to self-perceive and therefore to verbalize.

Neuromarketing is the ideal solution to study the entirety of communication aspects in modern times: it provides precise and punctual indicators of the emotional and attentional gradient through the recording of biometric signals that are able to explain the reactions of the consumer, grasping the dynamics of thought in a granular and exhaustive way, reaching well beyond the threshold of consciousness.

We at MG Research boast a solid experience in this field, and working alongside the most solid technical-academic partners, we are deeply convinced that this approach gives the best of itself only when combined with qualitative insights that are able to give substance to the trend of the data emerging from the neuroscientific analysis.

Team MG Research


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